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With his laidback nature and style, Ben provides relatable stand-up with a flair of unpredictability. He brings his audience along for a wild ride - if you come see him you won't know if you're laughing at him, with him, or even at yourself.


Ben exudes a high level of energy on the stage like no other. In the brief amount of time he has with an audience Ben somehow gets so involved with the crowd he forgets his set list as quickly as they forget all their worries!


When he's not on stage, he continues to work on some of the best TV comedy shows such as Hard Quiz, The Front Bar, The Weekly, The Cheap Seats, Best on Ground, The Bounce, Spiks and Speks and he recently killed it on Just for Laughs on CH10.


"Lomas had the audience in raptures." ★★★★

The Daily Telegraph

"As refreshing as the day's first double shot espresso."

Herald Sun

"He's a performer who has driven huge audiences crazy."

The Daily Telegraph

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