Ben Lomas is a man who is a boy who is a dad who doesn’t want to grow up. He's a new age dad with a party background reacting to life as it happens without thinking too far ahead. With his laidback nature and style, he provides relatable standup with a flair of unpredictability which brings his audience in for the ride. You won't know if you're laughing at him, with him, or even at yourself. 


Unlike most comedians, Ben grew up in a loving family however they were Dutch, making him honest and open about what he's feeling as the Dutch are very blunt. Ben likes unpacking the difficult (trivial) things in life, working out why he's not good at it, and finding unhelpful solutions. 


In a brief amount of time he has with an audience they have thrown away their troubles as fast as Ben's thrown away his set list, because there's nothing he loves more than crowd work and that is what he's famous for. When he's not on stage, he continues to work on some of the best comedy shows such as Mad As Hell, The Front Bar, The Weekly, The Project and can be seen on the Comedy Channel. 


Whether you're a banker, barista or a bee keeper you'll find Ben hilarious and know that this loveable bear is not as dumb as he thinks but actually has something to say. He doesn't want to change the world but loves making any audience laugh and enjoy life that little bit more.

"Lomas had the audience in raptures." ★★★★

The Daily Telegraph

"As refreshing as the day's first double shot espresso."

Herald Sun

"He's a performer who has driven huge audiences crazy."

The Daily Telegraph