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Last year's show Any Questions? went off! Now Ben is back asking for more! You dictate where the show goes. Did he escape from hospital? Is he the guy on the Visit Victoria ad? Ask the right questions and you'll end up somewhere you didn't think was possible.


“Ben’s jocular openness is bold and daring. Ben’s taking risks in his comedy and it suits him well.” ★★★★ Funny Tonne


"Lomas had the audience in raptures." ★★★★ The Daily Telegraph

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MICF GALA 2022 - Click on the photo for more insta content!

Listen to the latest Fitbet Podcast Episode

With Ben Lomas, Dilruk Jayasinha and a great guest!

Why Claire Hooper’s Hubbie Hasn’t Been The Same Since A Dads’ Trip Away With Josh Earl And Ben Lomas
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Coffee Time

Ben and Josh on The Project

Talking about MICF 2021

Inquire about Ben here

Ben's available to bring some humour to your next online or onscreen production.

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Man on the Ground at Fire Fight Australia! 

Ben kept 75,000 people going, speaking to so many amazing volunteers who risk everything to keep their communities safe. 

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